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This Membership is a small fee for BIG results.

This is for you if you're an entrepreneur, building your business with soul.
It's for you if you're wanting support in your branding and marketing efforts. Because these are the crux of getting your clients, building your brand and getting things done!

This is for you if you often get stuck procrastinating or in overwhelm when creating your marketing and branding.

The content of this Membership is from members with Questions that are plaguing them NOW with answers that get them further NOW!
The content of this Membership is curated LIVE in a Closed Facebook Group (paying members) to get ANSWERS.

And most importantly: The content of this Membership is to get you into action steps NOW. Not reading through hours and hours of content ON YOUR OWN, not understanding and not knowing how to implement, which leads to procrastination and overwhelm.

Aaaand if you REAAAALLLY want to do some pre-work ... I've got this for you as a Bonus to start working on your Branding, Marketing and Soul Client ... yep, THREE BONUS pieces of training to get you started!

This my friend, is your Membership with a kick-up-the-butt.

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