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There isn’t always just one thing…BUT, there is ONE place to start.
And the most important place to start is knowing who you’re selling your products and/or services to. Pretty logical if you think about it…

I’m inviting you to join my Soul Client Bundle, should you not have found your Soul Client and Niche yet.

Seriously, I’ve been here, investing hours and money and whatnot into the coolest and sexiest Branding and Marketing but to TOTALLY the wrong audience. And I’m so privileged and lucky to be able to teach you about Soul Clients because I know my shit… Let me entice you to join me in the world of Soul Client Wonder …

1. All about Audiences & Markets SUMMARY:If you’re new to the whole Soul Client, Audience and Market terminology, I’ll be giving you a quick but extensive run-down. I’ll also show you how this all ties in with the Brand Marketing Roadmap & Checklist.
2. Identify your Soul Client:What is a Soul Client? Why is it different to a “Target Audience”? How do I know or recognize my Soul Client in a crowded room?
3. Understand your Soul Client:How does your Soul Client “tick”? What are their buying preferences? How do they make a buying decision?
4. Marketing to your Soul Client:How am I to market to my Soul Client once I know who they are? How do I ensure not to fall into my old habits of selling? What type of communication should I use for my Soul Clients?

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